The Eye Cream that was Finally Invented!

Since I have been trying new Younique products like a kid in a candy store, I was very drawn to the Uplift Eye Serum. As I am making my way (too quickly) through my 30's, my forehead wrinkles are more defined, and my happiness is punishing me with crow's feet. 

I have tried what feels like every product out there to soften the harsh forehead wrinkles that my expressive facial expressions have left me with, and pull my face tighter and smoother. I have yet to find something that actually works! From my product ordering addiction, to spending hours at Target or Nordstrom scouring the anti-aging sections, I had about given up. I was ready to own my wrinkles that were only becoming more prominent, and embrace that aging is not something I can control, especially with a cream or serum.

Until I found this product.

Now, I am not interested in sounding like an infomercial. I would not post this on my personal blog if it wasn't something that has blown me away. It is insane-- I have no idea what they put in this product, however, I know that all of their products are naturally based. And, that was enough for me to feel okay about trying it.

I am was the midst of a two-week test to see if it is working. Within day ONE I saw results. Holy macaroni! One tiny drop covered all of my crows feet and I even put some on my forehead- because, why not? The second day of using this product, I was literally told by my best friend that I looked "rested." She didn't even know that I was using it! OH, DID I MENTION IT LIGHTENS DARK CIRCLES? Why yes, yes it does. What a perk!

Here are my favorite before and after photos from the Uplift (heaven) serum. You will be blown away. I am so relieved that this product is out there! 

 The perfect packaging for gifts!

The perfect packaging for gifts!